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Housebound LTC Reviews

We are supporting GP practices with housebound LTC reviews for patients in their own homes. We provide annual reviews of Long-Term Conditions that includes a review of self-care, blood tests and observations. We provide foot assessments for diabetes care and inhaler technique reviews for respiratory. We support patients to have the confidence to self-manage, improve their health outcomes, and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.

SMI HCA Severe Mental Illness Service

This service aims to undertake physical health checks for people as designated / identified in relation to their mental health needs who meet the criteria to be on a GP practice Severe Mental Illness register. These reviews reduce health inequalities and improve life expectancy for people living with severe mental illness by improving engagement and supporting them to access physical health checks, routine blood testing, signposting other services, support to access medication reviews and vaccinations.

Cancer Alliance Screening

This service provides follow up appointments on behalf of GP practices for a Population Health Management approach to smear tests following an abnormal smear or colposcopy procedure for those who did not have this followed up. This is undertaken by a trained nurse through our Enhanced Access service at evenings and weekends.

Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home

This monitoring service increases the availability and access to home blood pressure monitoring and management for patients with poorly controlled hypertension to prevent avoidable heart attacks and strokes by providing blood pressure monitors (when required) and support to patients and practices.

Eating Disorder Support Service

This service provides medical monitoring by specialist health care assistants to assess patients’ physical health and physical risks associated with their eating disorder. The reviews involve physical observations and blood tests with support from the Eating Disorder Team or GP to monitor and review results and care.

PCN Management Support

WCF works in partnership with the Primary Care Network in the Fenland,
St Ives and Huntingdon area to help relieve pressure on GPs, reduce health inequalities and build better communities where patients have easy access to a wide range of health care.

Enhanced Access

We offer routine bookable primary care appointments with GPs, Nurses and Health Care Assistants outside normal working hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you require a specialist referral following your enhanced access appointment, we will work in collaboration with your own GP to arrange this.